General Dentistry

We have an incredible team of doctors, assistants and hygienists which allows us to provide you with complete and comprehensive dental services all in one convenient location. We preform all general dental work and will work with you to find the best solutions for your individual needs!

Cosmetic Dentistry & Implants

We have a full range of cosmetic dental procedures and expertise to create the smile you want, whether it is just one tooth or a full smile reconstruction. We offer beautiful, life like porcelain crowns, bridges, and implants.

Cleaning & Protection

Cleanings usually take about 45 minutes with one of our dedicated and wonderful hygienists. Included in this is an oral exam of your teeth and gums, any needed X-rays to check for new cavities or issues, a full cleaning, flossing, and deep polish, and a quick check-up visit with your dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most affordable cosmetic improvements that you can make to your smile, but even at its lower price tag, it can make a dramatic improvement. A whiter smile helps you look healthier and more youthful and vibrant.

Pain Free Extractions

Sometimes teeth may need to be extracted, and while the main goal of dentistry is to ensure that your teeth are healthy and last a lifetime, there are instances where it is it is necessary. However, that doesn't mean it has to be a horrible experience. Dr. Haluska specializes in preforming painless extractions in a quick and easy manner.


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